Until New Year
Until New Year:
Dive into the atmosphere of wonder and magic. Raise your New Year’s mood from the plinth, you’re not the Grinch…
It is a holiday that reminds us of childhood, family, coziness, Christmas trees and tangerines… Everyone has their own associations, but the main thing is that it is a time of miracles. I want everyone who comes to this page to feel the atmosphere of the holiday.
it's a new adventure
it is the new
new Year —
year 1600
There is a legend that the tradition of decorating a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve was started by the German reformer Martin Luther in the 16th century. The green fragrant forest beauty spruce has long been considered the tree of peace by the ancient Germans. They believed that the good "spirit of the forests" dwelled in its branches
in the homes of German
to ward off spirits
Spruce branches
The tradition came to Russia thanks to Peter the Great. The emperor reformed the calendar in 1699, after which Russia began to celebrate New Year's Eve in January.
The tree was mostly decorated like a Christmas tree, using cookies or candy instead of toys.
It is snowing outside the window, the Christmas tree lights are on, cocoa is poured in a mug and tangerines are in a plate. Soon Father Frost will come and put his present for you.
Point at the bag
is coming
Santa Claus
The exact recipe for the salad has never been known. Since its invention, there have been several attempts to recreate and tamper with it, one recipe even included black caviar.
Put the salad on
Наведи на носок
Предсказание на 2024
The year will be dazzling for you. The bright events and colors will sometimes make you want to close your eyes
The year will be very profitable for you. Not only will new cash flows rush to you, but you will also receive offers
prepare yourself for the fact that it may take a complete reset in your life to enjoy the happiness to come
Open your heart to love and stop being afraid to be a happy person
If even before you didn't like new acquaintances and frequent meetings, this year it will become the basis of your life
I wish everyone reading this post great happiness in the New Year. May all dreams come true!
So let all your wishes come true, and at exactly midnight a miracle will enter every home, may all your hopes and dreams may all your hopes and dreams come true in this new year.
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